COVID-19 has forced many of us to consider all the unknowns that we have allowed to creep into our lives. Like pests that burrow into the foundation and structure of a house, these unknowns are now putting our lives and all we’ve worked toward in danger. As an estate attorney, I am tasked daily with making sure that my clients
Living in the time of a pandemic makes you consider whether anyone is really safe. While the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, you never know how your body will handle it. As a probate and estate attorney, the first thing I think about is how so many families right now have had
As a Houston estate planning attorney, I can help your parents come up with an estate planning strategy. But first, you’ve got to have those tough conversations. Here’s how to talk to them about power of attorney. Having medical and statutory durable power of attorney over your parents’ affairs is a critical part of estate and end-of-life planning. In the
Finding a divorce attorney who understands your situation can feel like a difficult task. When you and your spouse are parents to a child with special needs, it gets even harder. As a divorce and estate planning attorney who works regularly with parents or caregivers of children with special needs, I can tell you that if you plan to get
As kids get ready to head back to school this fall, I thought it would be helpful to focus this article on an estate planning strategy that also addresses a growing problem: college tuition. The cost of college has skyrocketed over the last thirty years, which means that many students have had to take out federal and private loans just
Divorce is difficult enough without having to find a divorce lawyer who is the right fit for your case. Most people have no experience when it comes to searching for an attorney who practices family law, so searching for someone to take on your case can seem daunting. Getting divorced is not a decision that people take lightly, and rightly
Estate planning is usually the last thing on our minds, especially if we’re young and healthy. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike us at any moment. Accidents and healthcare emergencies can emerge often out of nowhere. In the midst of a global pandemic, this is all the more relevant. Many people have never heard of an estate plan or don’t understand how