Texas Divorce Attorney: Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

Last updated on: May 4, 2022

As a Texas divorce attorney, I understand how difficult it can be for divorced parents, or parents who are in the middle of a divorce, to get on the same page. You’ve got to coordinate work schedules to make sure the kids are supervised. You’ve got to maintain your cool, even when the other parent makes it difficult. When the school year starts, things can get even more hectic.

Want to make the beginning of this school year easier on you and your family? These back to school tips for divorced parents can help with that.

Coordinate with the Teachers

If you are recently divorced or in the process of divorcing, it is absolutely critical to inform your child’s teachers of your situation. Children whose parents divorce sometimes vent their frustrations by acting out in school. Your child’s teachers will be able to handle any instances of misbehavior with compassion only if they know what is going on at home.

Be Flexible with Visitation Time

During the summer months, coordinating visitation times can be difficult, even if your child doesn’t have much going on. Now imagine that their schedule is as busy as your work schedule. That’s how it is during the school year. From band performances to weekend sports tournaments, there are a lot of extracurricular activities that can eat up one parent’s time with your child. Try to plan ahead to schedule make-up visitation times for such instances. Just be flexible.

Use Technology to Get on the Same Page

If you’re having trouble coordinating work and school schedules with your child’s other parent, or if you want to avoid daily communication to lower the chance of conflict, it might be time to put technology to the test. There are many scheduling apps (such as Google Calendars, Talking Parents, and Our Family Wizard) that are shareable and allow you to plug in the times when you are busy. With the latter two examples, your schedule, appointments, and anything related to your kids can be plugged in and shared. Another advantage of these programs is that it makes a record you can utilize in court to show the compliance or lack of compliance by one or both parties. These apps also allow attorneys to see what is being said and done. Having everything in front of you can help make sure that you don’t miss a beat.

Be Aware of Your Child’s Behavior

Different children react to divorce in different ways. They don’t always tell you when they feel sad or frustrated or angry, but keeping an eye on their behavior can shed some light on their emotions. For instance, some children express stress through aggression. Others revert to old habits when they don’t feel they have any control in life. If you notice any behavior that is out of the norm for your child, talk to them about it.

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