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Navigating a divorce is typically one of the most emotionally fraught times of your life. And in the middle of all this turmoil surrounding a divorce, you must think clearly and logically enough to consider your future and all the consequences of each of your actions. In the middle of something as wrenching as a divorce, this is difficult for anyone to do. When you must make decisions that can affect the rest of your life, it is crucial to have the level-headed and legally sound advice of a Bay City or Matagorda County, Texas divorce lawyer in your corner.

At The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson, divorce attorney Whitney L. Thompson and our team of experienced legal team have dedicated our careers to helping individuals navigate the serious legal terrain of divorce, child custody, child support, property division, and other matters that invariably become part of the divorce process in Texas. There is a future on the other side of your divorce. With our team of assertive and compassionate team on your side, you will not have to face this alone.

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Making the Decision to File For Divorce

Deciding to divorce a spouse is never an easy decision, and few people are truly prepared for all the considerations that go into filing and navigating the divorce process. Each couple is different with their own unique challenges and financial circumstances that will enter into the process.

At The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson, we understand the delicate balance often required when navigating a divorce and family law matters. We know when to offer cooperative strategies to the other side, and we know when to take an aggressive stance to ensure the rights of our clients. If you are considering a divorce in Bay City, Texas, you should get the legal advice of our experienced Bay City or Matagorda County divorce lawyers to understand your rights, obligations, and options under the law.

Our clients get the facts as they are concerned about their unique situation and are offered honest options based on those facts. While you are trying to deal with your immediate circumstances, we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will offer you the clearest path possible to get there so you can optimistically look forward to your future.

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Attorney Whitney Thompson is a great attorney. I refer people to her law firm because I know she has the experience and professionalism necessary to deliver competent legal services. Do not hesitate to call this attorney should you need honest representation.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce in Bay City, Texas

Couples who can work out the details of their divorce together are in a much better place than ones who can’t. Uncontested divorces are not only more cooperative, but they are also more expeditious, cost-effective, and put the ultimate control in your hands.

The more input from the court system, the more complicated and expensive your divorce will be. Settling matters of marital property division, child custody, child support, alimony, and other matters outside family court supports greater communication and cooperation, which can work in your favor especially when you share children. Mediation or uncontested divorce are good options when a couple can make these decisions together.

But even when a couple is on relatively good terms, in the beginning, a divorce can bring out the worst in them, and many points of contention will invariably come to the surface and need to be addressed. Contested divorces often require extensive and often adversarial negotiations between spouses and their attorneys. Unless these negotiations can bring a couple to mutual agreements, the court will be the final decision-maker in all matters that you cannot agree on. Unfortunately, the control is then in the court’s hands, and, often, neither spouse comes away feeling happy with the court’s decisions but is required to live with them.

At The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson, we strive to help our clients come to agreements with their spouses in the least adversarial way possible. But when this is not possible, we know how to switch strategies to ensure that our clients’ needs, rights, and goals are best served and protected.

The knowledge and care found here are top tier. Attorney Thompson is extremely smart and very kind. She will work tirelessly to get you out of any situation that you may find yourself in. I definitely recommend her services to any and all who are in need of a family attorney. You won’t regret it!

Matagorda County Divorce Lawyer Explains: Grounds for Divorce in Texas

In the state of Texas, you must declare a reason, or grounds, for your divorce and prove it to the court. There are seven grounds for divorce here, four of which are fault-based. Fault-based grounds include:

  • Cruelty – Cruelty is when one spouse has caused willful mental or physical pain and suffering toward the other that requires them to live apart. Cruelty can be subjective, and for the court to uphold it as a fault, it cannot be a trivial disagreement but must be provable, willful, and persistent.
  • Adultery – When one spouse has gone outside the marriage to have sexual intercourse with someone who is not their spouse, adultery can be used as a ground for divorce. But the court must be provided clear and positive proof to uphold adultery as a ground. Relationships that ensue after a divorce has been filed can be considered adultery, so it is important for spouses to understand this before getting involved in a relationship before a divorce is finalized.
  • Felony conviction – When one spouse has been convicted of a state or federal felony, has spent at least one year in jail and has not been pardoned, the other spouse may use it as a ground for divorce unless the conviction was based on the testimony of that spouse. In that case, there may be other grounds available to the spouse seeking a divorce.
  • Abandonment – When one spouse has voluntarily left the other and has been gone for over a year, the other spouse may seek divorce on the ground of abandonment. Each time the spouse returns, however, it may restart the clock for the court to consider abandonment as a ground.

Many individuals choose no-fault grounds when seeking a divorce in Texas. There are three grounds for a no-fault divorce, including:

  • Insupportability – Often referred to as irreconcilable differences, the insupportability ground may be used when a marriage has broken down because of discord or conflict.
  • Living apart – When a married couple has been living apart for at least three years, the court can consider this a no-fault ground for divorce.
  • Confinement to a mental hospital – If one spouse has been confined to a hospital due to a psychiatric diagnosis for a period of at least three years and it appears that they are not likely to recover, the other spouse may use this as a no-fault ground for divorce.

Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson Discuss Property Division

In Texas, we are considered a community property state. This means that any property acquired during the time of the marriage, as well as any debt that was incurred during this time, belongs to both spouses equally. Conversely, property that each acquired before and brought into the marriage is considered separate property and will remain with that spouse.

In some cases, the court will divide marital property and debt in ways that are not equal if there is a reasonable basis for it. The court may consider adjustments to equal distribution based on

  • The skills, earning capacity or earning opportunities of each spouse
  • The age, health, and education of each spouse
  • The property that each spouse owns separately
  • Whether one spouse is the children’s primary caregiver
  • Whether one spouse caused the failure of the marriage

Fortunately, divorcing couples do have the opportunity to work out property division between themselves to circumvent the court making these final decisions for them. When spouses can do this between themselves, the court will typically agree to a negotiated agreement without getting further involved.

At The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson, our experienced attorneys understand the importance of being fair when it comes to property division. Our skilled divorce lawyers will work hard to help the client ensure they receive a favorable outcome on the case.

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I'd like to tell everyone how much I appreciate the help you've provided especially working with me. I greatly appreciate the child custody lawyer representing me. Great people to have in a time of need. Thanks for everything. God bless

Child Custody

In all matters of child custody in Texas, the court will determine what it thinks is in the best interest of the child regardless of whether that is what is most convenient for the parents. Consequently, it is always advisable for parents to come together, if possible, to work out custody details. Once the court becomes involved in custody matters or child custody disputes, parents will be required to live by those decisions whether they like it or not.

In Texas, custody is called conservatorship of the child. There is “managing conservatorship,” which refers to a parent’s role in making important decisions about the child’s life, including their education, their medical needs, and any religious or cultural upbringing matters. “Possessory conservatorship” is where the child will physically reside at specific times, and when a parent has access to, or visitation, with the child.

While under Texas law there is the presumption that both parents should have joint managing conservatorship, or legal custody, of the child, there are instances when the court will determine this is not in the child’s best interests, such as in cases of substance abuse or domestic violence. Furthermore, while a couple usually has great latitude in creating the terms of their child’s physical custody, or possessory conservatorship, there will be instances when the court may determine that allowing a parent physical custody is not in the child’s best interests.

Getting a skilled Bay City divorce lawyer’s legal advice when it comes to child custody is very important to help ensure that the client is getting the best terms possible.

Contact The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson at (979) 318-5079 to schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys.

She represented me in a case concerning guardianship over my grandson. It was a very time sensitive matter and we won the case. I am very grateful for her, because my grandson has stability and is growing up loved beyond measure. Attorney Whitney Thompson is very passionate and she truly cares for the people.

Child Support

In Texas, child support most commonly falls on the obligor, or the parent who does not have the primary physical custody of the child, regardless of whether they have access to the children or not. In most cases, that parent will pay child support to the other parent who has the right to designate the child’s primary residence to offset the costs of the child’s upbringing. Child support will continue until the child reaches the age of 18.

Texas provides a schedule of child support guideline calculations that have been designed based on the number of children that require support and the income of the obligor. However, the court may deviate from these guidelines. Factors to consider include:

  • The financial ability of both parents to provide for the child
  • The age of the child
  • How much time both parents spend with the child
  • Child care expenses
  • Healthcare costs
  • Education costs

During a child’s lifetime, there are typically changes in the financial circumstances of the parents. In order for child support to be modified, the court must be provided evidence of significant financial changes in order to justify the modification of support.

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Getting the Skilled Legal Assistance of Bay City, Texas or Matagorda County Divorce Attorneys

Few things in life are more challenging than a divorce, and there are many critical matters that must be considered. While you and your spouse may not see things eye-to-eye, there are important laws in place that can protect you. 

Working with our experienced Bay City, Texas or Matagorda County divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of Whitney L. Thompson can help you understand your rights and options when navigating the complexities of divorce and offer you well-deserved peace of mind in the midst of an overwhelming time.

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